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Why Choose Thaper Dental Clinic?

Thaper Dental Clinic has been one of the top dental brands in India. Patients from all across the globe come to the clinic for good quality dental treatment, with long lasting results.Apart from being a trusted Dental brand with a rich experience of 60 years, we will give you many good reasons to choose us.

Together with a team of Dental Surgeons & equipped with the latest technology, we deliver the top quality dental treatment in India, at very reasonable costs.

Some of our Esteemed Patients

Time and again we get a chance to treat the top faces in the country. Few of them are our patients for several years and continue to show faith in our Quality of Treatment.

Sh. Ashok Gehlot
Chief Minister of Rajasthan
Princesss Diya Kumari
Member of Parliament
Maharani Gayatri Devi

Team of Specialists

Unlike traditional dental clinics where any dentist will do all types of treatment. We have a dedicated team of In-house Dental specialists. Each one of them specializes in different domains of Dentistry. Hence we are able to cater to every dental problem in a more dedicated way

Latest Technology

​We are equipped with the finest dental technologies in the market. Most of our tech such as CEREC, Formlabs 3D printer, 3shape Ortho software, are the finest in their respective streams all around the world.

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One Visit Dentistry

With our latest equipment & techniques, we can now provide many specialized services in one visit. these include 'Dental Implants', 'Root canal Therapy' , 'Ceramic crowns & bridges' , 'Ceramic Veneers & Inlays'.

Hence saving your precious time & pain of multiple visits .

Highest rated Dental Clinic in Rajasthan

We have been rated the Best Dental Clinic in Rajasthan, and #3 in INDIA, by 'Global Clinic Ratings' agency.

They are one of the top rating agencies in the world to rank dental clinics based on very stringent parameters.

Sterilizaion Protocol

We at Thaper Dental Clinic follow stringent sterilization protocols to match the international standards of hygiene.

We regularly sterilize our instruments after every use in a class - B autoclave. We also keep our chairs & drains clean after every patient.