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Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants have recognized as the most effective procedure for teeth replacement. Dental implants are TITANIUM screws that are placed in place of the roots, which last a lifetime. Because they are fused in the jawbone hence Implants are not visible once placed during the surgery.Tooth implants are the best, you can get, close to healthy, natural teeth.

Dental implants are highly stable, eliminating the need of dentures. They can also serve as an anchor for Dentures, crowns & bridges.

With Tooth Implants, you can eat, speak, smile & laugh freely & effortlessly. Now you never have to worry about how your teeth look, while enjoying your everyday life.

In developed countries, Dental Implants have almost replaced traditional removable dentures. While Dental Implants in India are still considered as a premium option, although the Dental Implants treatment cost in India is far less as compared to Western Countries.

At Thaper Dental Clinic, we provide various solutions for missing teeth, based on Dental Implants. One can either choose for individual dental implants for every missing tooth, or they can choose from the following options.

  • All on 4 Dental Implants

  • All on 6 Dental Implants

  • All on 8 Dental Implants


The options for individual case is primarily decided by our dental surgeon and then the choice is given to the patient. Every individual has a different kind of bone health and based on that the options for tooth replacement can vary.

We use some of the Best brands of Dental Implants recognized worldwide.

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Why people choose us?
FAQ about Dental Implants

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root made of medical grade titanium, it looks like a screw and is very strong but also light in weight. The Dental Implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone to support the replacement tooth (dental crown) or Dentures.​​

Over time, the jaw-bone of the patient integrates with the Dental Implant. Dental Implants are a long-term sustainable solution for replacing a missing teeth that feel and act like a natural tooth!

Dental implants consist of three primary components –

Titanium implant : It is the titanium screw that is placed into the jaw-bone.

Implant abutment : It is the connector which attached the Crown to implant.

Implant Crown : Tooth shaped ceramic structure that is visible and used for tooth functions.

Dental Implant is always placed under anesthesia, hence usually there is very less pain during the placement of dental implant. After the effect of anesthesia wears off, the patient will will fell small amount of considerable pain for sometime. But, one should note that the pain is very less compared to a complicated extraction. Hence it is quite bearable and can also be   considerably suppressed by painkillers.

No! Unlike dentures, the dental implants are integrated into the jaw and have very good stability. The visible portion that looks like a tooth is a dental crown, which is also like natural tooth, so anything that can affect the natural tooth, can also affect the crown. Simply speaking, treat your dental Implant just like a natural tooth in terms of stability and chewing efficiency.

A single tooth Dental Implant will normally cost between $300 - $800 ( INR 20,000 - INR 55,000 ) .

It will depend upon several underlying factors:

1. Complexity of the case.

2. Quality of components used.

3. Qualification and Experience of the Dental Surgeon.

4. Quality of equipment at the Dental Clinic.

5. Living costs of the town.

Choosing between Dental Bridge & Dental Implant is a tough choice. A dental Implant is like a permanent solution to missing tooth, while a Dental Bridge has a higher failure rate beyond 10 years. But Both solve the purpose almost equally, on immediate basis.

There are several factors that need to be understood before taking an informed decision. Read this article to understand deeply the comparison between dental bridge and an Dental Implant.


Do I need Dental Bone Graft before Implant?

A good healthy bone is necessary to successfully place a dental Implant. Certain times when the bone is not adequate at the replacement site, your Dentist might suggest a dental bone grafting procedure. This is done primarily to provide dense healthy bone, strong enough to hold the Dental Implant, and provide it stability for lifetime. 

Surgical Guide

Safe | Precise | Atraumatic

Surgical Guide has made modern day Dental Implant treatment more successful and virtually painless.

With the help of surgical guide we can now plan the best suited location for placement of the Dental Implants in accordance to the patient's bone structure.

We at Thaper Dental Clinic have in-house system R&D by Bredent gmbh (German) to manufacture surgical guides for our patient.

Following are the advantages of using surgical guide for treatment:

  • Less traumatic

  • More precise

  • Lower surgery duration
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